Are You Embracing 2022?

The market is changing whether you are or not.

This blog post is a grounding.

As we kick off 2022, I hope that many of the readers take a time out and review just what your plans are for the year ahead.

If you don’t scrape away the Mainstream News…

Are the Zoomers still Zooming?

While about three-quarters of the size of the Millennials, Generation Z has been expected to advance forward at a pace faster than the Millennials… thanks to their immersion in mobile technology.

Hence, they have been referred to as the Zoomers.

Next year in 2022, the top of the Generation Z…

Retirement Opportunity is Calling!

I spend a lot of time talking about the Millennials.

There is no question…. the Millennials are the drivers of the U.S. consumer and house & home marketplace.

They are the ones out there buying their first-time homes or selling the condos to get a yard complete with a swing…

Mark Kooyman

CEO & Discovery Chief at EXPERIENCE Insight Group, Inc. In the business to discover and craft brand experiences that humans seek out and engage in.

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