Are You Embracing 2022?

This blog post is a grounding.

As we kick off 2022, I hope that many of the readers take a time out and review just what your plans are for the year ahead.

If you don’t scrape away the Mainstream News Media’s COVID-19 panic addiction and forward thinking into 2022 and beyond, you are not likely to make your 2022 revenue projections.

And for some of you, you might not make it to 2023 and COVID-19 will not be the cause.

The last two EXPERIENCE blogposts have highlighted the trends that will drive 2022.

Here are those 10 trends again and some commentary updates…

1. Product delivery will move beyond digital and transfer to brick and mortar storefronts.

If you have attempted to shop this Holiday season, the crowds are back in the storefronts and the percentage of online shopping has dropped again. It you are in C-level management; I strongly urge you to ask those Millennials you hired what percentage of U.S. retail is sold online. The answer is 12.4% down from 13.5% one year ago. I bet the percentage they tell you will be a higher number and my suggestion is you re-evaluate your business plan for 2022.

2. The first wave of Generation Z college graduates will enter the workforce.

I already completed a set of Coffee House Chats with a set of Generation Z college students. Generation Z is passionate about and focused on their careers with many more high touch than high tech.

3. House & Home inventory will open back up with a new balance between price with affordability.

Interesting trend hitting right now… the integration of Mid-Century design icons including the return of the laminate paneling as well as the glossy tiles and wallpapers!

What’s the driver?

Simple. Millennials buying up those 1970s houses are facing inflation retracted budgets. It’s amazing how cool the 70s are becoming as those budgets get tighter.

4.Pre-owned” goods will explode as access and availability tin retail continues to struggle and price point challenges inflation-retracting budgets.

In my Holiday shopping excursions, I have been entertained by a whole new set of old, worn-out clothing hitting the antique sales racks. More will fill the antique malls in 2022 than many suspected.

Watch how garage sales become novel all over again this upcoming Spring!

Not only will there be yard signs planted on Friday afternoons, but postings in Social media too… with “friends” getting to shop early before others get there!

5. Family doctors — independent ones — will re-emerge.

Watch how hospital emergency rooms start promotional programs matching those coming into the ER with new family doctors.

Hospitals are quickly wising up to the fact that the insurance companies are not paying their preferred rate for what turns out to be essentially physician counsel.

6. African foods will become hot and hip complete with their own space in grocery aisles and new emerging restaurants.

The January edition of Canadian House & Homes has one featured story on three new African Restaurants that have opened up in Montreal and another story on a new chain for home accessories all created around historic African use and culture.

7. News media viewership will start posting major drops in followers across media platform.

While I haven’t see the ratings since I posted these 2022 Trends back in November, the news networks are beginning to steal away the top news hosts… CNN stealing Chris Wallace from FOX News.

Times of crisis breed an odd set of bedfellows.

8. Boomers will drive a new type of age 55+ housing that will spread in both urban pockets and small town farmland.

Not much has taken place yet… but watch how the Boomers make a move in the next year as the housing market gets even more innovative in making downsizing easier.

9. There will be a new rise in the politically-independent. Alignment with either the GOP and DNC will become political suicide.

President Joe issued a COVID-19 update two days ago that has DNC and GOP leadership pondering just what party he is aligned.

There are some who say that President Joe is “not all there.”

Trust me, he is a long-term politician who is way more connected with the public than many might think.

Those up for re-election in 2022 might want to study what he did.

10. The Alpha Generation will take over and stifle out Generation Z.

An article from Advertising Age showcased a set of great Holiday ads. All of great ads featured Millennials and Alpha Gen kids.

These ads promoted everything from grocery shopping to electric SUVs to furniture stores to banking. Not one of the showcased ads featured Gen X parents and their Gen Z teens.

This is only the beginning!

If you want a facilitator to assist in re-grounding for 2022, please give EXPERIENCE a call at 404.245.9379 or send me an Email at

Strategic planning and market insight remains un-locked down!



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