Immigration…More Driven by Need and Opportunity Than The News Media Reports

I will begin by saying that this blog post is not an Editorial.

EXPERIENCE is teaming up with a very cool consulting group based out of Atlanta that specializes in marketing program implementation to reach the U.S. Black and Brown market… Propellant Media (

Unlike conventional cultural-specialized communication firms, Propellant is utilizing EXPERIENCE to segment beyond the color-of-skin labels and delve further in identifying more holistic, neighborhood-based, psychographic lifestyle groups… in which Blank and Brown roots exist, but alone do not define the group identity.

For example, the groups sport nicknames like “New Suburbanites” and “Multi-Culti Mosaic” that confirm what many observe in their changing cityscapes. While other groups like “Country Strong” and “Tech Professionals” stretch the convention of the stereotypes many see featured in the news media and business boardrooms.

I started my career back in 1981 — more than 40 years ago now — working with consumer packaged goods brands — mostly food brands — where we employed strategy to reach into the “Latino urban minority” segment.

Back then, the strategy employment was not complex.

Convert the ad copy into “Spanish” and add a Latino radio station into the media mix in markets like LA, New York, Houston and Chicago.

Even back then as I was employing the Claritas PRIZM neighborhood lifestyle segments into marketing strategy, I reported to clients variation among the Hispanic-Latinos found in the LA metro from those found in the Houston metro.

The Atlanta consulting group we are teaming up with employs very cool, custom technology to connect with individuals in their day-to-day worlds and landscape. Tools that are way beyond the elementary mechanics of social and mobile media.

EXPERIENCE is enhancing what the Atlanta group does with crafting a dozen unique neighborhood lifestyle groups. In more than half of the groups, Hispanic-Latinos serve as the major neighborhood driver.

The Mainstream Media is shifting from COVID-19 scare content to threats of the “Hispanics crossing over the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Here are some 2021 stats to ground this blog post…

** Hispanic-Latinos are the largest non-white cultural group in the U.S.

** Nearly 1 out-of-every 5 Americans is Hispanic-Latino compared to 1 out-of-every 7.5 Americans is African-American

** Nearly two-thirds of American Hispanic-Latinos have their roots in Mexico specifically… about 20% have their roots in Central-South America

** The median salary of white Americans is $72K… the Hispanic — American-Brown market — is $55K… about $10K higher than the American-Black market

** More Hispanic-Latino Americans work a job and net income than non-Hispanic-Latino Americans

Those of you who read this blog and those of you who partner with EXPERIENCE know that I am not one to simply sit behind the walls of an office… even during the Pandemic!

So yesterday, I went into some of the Atlanta ‘hoods … those in the heart of the metro and some of the outlying suburbs to talk to people on-the-street and what they perceive is going on.

Speaking to more than 40 folks is not a projectable, quantitative, statistical survey, but the conversations do unveil some interesting consistencies.

By the way, about half of those I spoke to were female and about half male… about a third were African-American and a smaller share were Asian-Indian.

The neighborhoods where I spoke to folks were middle-to-upper middle income where at least half had a college education.

What I found most interesting is that about two-thirds of the individuals I spoke to were very quick to make the comment, “well, Hispanics are the labor base of the U.S. right now.”

A great insight… a far greater share of the individuals walking the streets of America are a smarter than those elected to public office and those working the Mainstream American Media.

The focus of this blog posting is exactly the observation that individuals noted… Hispanic-Latinos ARE the labor base of the U.S. right now… and a base that is not large enough to meet the demand for the services they work to provide!

YES… Hispanic-Latinos command the majority of the Construction industry… they also represent the commanding share of the Building/Ground Maintenance, Shipping, Farming/Fishing/Forestry, Food Processing, Automotive and Telecom industries.

In addition, they account for close to a third of individuals employed in health-related areas like Clinical Labs, Medical-Dental Assistants and Veterinary Medical.

And more than many would think of Website designers, Computer Networking techs, Informational Security and even Tax Preparers.

With Millennials now coupled and producing what will likely be the largest generation ever in the U.S. — The Alpha Generation — all of these areas from house & home to computer tech will continue to explode.

With Boomers now nearly all age 65+, the healthcare industry is exploding and its less COVID-related as it is Boomer age-driven.

My parents were first-generation Americans with my grandparents entering into the U.S. back in the 1920s and 1930s. Each side of my family worked blue-collar jobs and were part of the labor-base that supported the Baby Boomers from their kids-to-parenting years.

EXPERIENCE is teaming up with the consulting group that specializes in marketing program implementation to reach the U.S. Black and Brown market because of two specific reasons…

#1 — Hispanic-Latinos are the workforce driving service and blue-collar industries in the U.S.

Many brand leadership teams still believe that broadcasting their copy in Spanish and visually having “some Hispanics” visually in the spot is the way to capitalize on the opportunity.

#2 — The U.S. service and blue-collar industries are exploding right now as product distribution continues to move from store-fronts to home-pages and families move from being renters to homeowners

If you play a leadership role with a brand right now and you are reading this… I encourage you to give me a call or drop me an Email … phone number is 404.245.9378 and Email is

Not only would I be happy to introduce you to the emerging groups like “New Suburbanites” and “Multi-Culti Mosaic,” but I will show you how we can assess the presence of these hot, new market groups in your current customer base and how to grow and net more.

Right now those from Madison Avenue connecting with their fellow workers via Zoom to craft brand creative are all convinced that having bi-racial couples is the strategic way to capitalize on market change.

If you believe that Madison Avenue understands the dynamics of market change then I have some stock for an Alchemy app you should invest in.

The Texas border right now is getting fanned because networks like FOX News are craving something to fill the past COVID-19 and Falsified Election news slots.

Best yet… turn off the television sets and news apps. Stop texting to friends and colleagues. Instead, come with me and let’s journey out into the marketplace and meet actual “New Suburbanites,” “Urban Influentials,” “Country Strong” and “Multi-Culti Mosaic” folks.

They are excited about their futures and crave brands that embrace their visions, dreams and ideals.

You will be surprised at the insights you will glean.

Buenos dias por delante!

CEO & Discovery Chief at EXPERIENCE Insight Group, Inc. In the business to discover and craft brand experiences that humans seek out and engage in.