The 2022 Trends You Will Not Find Anywhere Else!

A year ago, we were all still reeling from the Pandemic. Hard to believe, but a year ago there was talk about the Vaccines coming to market, but no one was yet Vaccinated.

Here we are today and the largest percentage of the population in the U.S. has just gotten Vaccinated in less than 12 months.

Not that everyone is back to working in their offices, but many are now … at least a few days of the week.

Kids are back in school and the restaurants are back to serving meals in-house vs. on-the-streets.

As readers know, I have authored the EXPERIENCE Trendcast since the company started up way back in 2003.

The 2004 Trendcast showcased the second largest Generation in the U.S. being referred to as “Millennial Generation” was graduating from college and would revolutionize the marketplace as we know it.

Today, the Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. and there are two generations that have emerged since then.

That Trendcast also cited that mobile technology was about to go through some advancements with new brands premiering and that the Internet was shifting from dialup to digital, fast moving lines of access.

No question that some of these massive change factors like the Millennials, the Pandemic and the mobility of technology

The Trends emerging right before our eyes and the ones that will move the market forward into the next set of years to come are listed out in this Blog-post.

In the blogs to follow, we will take each one and showcase the trend even more and its impact right now.

Here are those 10 Trends that will impact 2022 and the next set of years ahead…

1. Brick and Mortar Retail… The Amazon model of self-contained supply control, consumer interaction and product delivery will move beyond digital and transfer to brick and mortar storefronts. Amazon grocery stores are only a hint followed next by the retailers circumventing the conventional distribution channels to stock for the upcoming Holiday Season.

2. Generation Z Enters The Workforce… The first wave of Generation Z college graduates will enter the workforce which has evolved considerably in their process of becoming educated, but will challenge HR with more human relations issues than technology need.

3. A New Mix of Housing Options.. House & Home inventory will open back up as supply chains replenish and work crews get back together but there will be a new challenge as to crafting an inventory mix of new vs. pre-owned, model homes vs. personalization, style choices and how to balance price with affordability.

4. Socially Responsible and Affordable Pre-ownership… The concept of pre-owned will explode as access and availability to house & home décor stores continue to struggle and sustainability takes on new meaning as prices inflate. Hip will be yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, auctions and junguetique stores.

5. The Doctor-Patient Relationship Transcending The Healthcare System… Family doctors — independent one — will re-emerge. The GenXers have given family bonding new meaning. The personalization and surrogate role players will move doctors into a new relationship role and anti-BIG Business will hit the healthcare networks as Washington demands the healthcare players come out of the closets. Concierge will come back too … but affordable versions for the Middle-class.

6. Black Food Matters… Black, soul and African foods will become hot and hip complete with their own space in grocery aisles and new emerging restaurants. Dishes will feature new spices, breads and cheeses and new uses of yams, sorghum and millet plus foods that make us all feel like we are back sinking down roots at home again

7. News Providers Losing Trust… News media viewership will start posting major drops in followers across media platform. Watch as TV networks fade, radio talk shows decline and websites drop. Surprisingly, neighborhood print newspapers will start re-emerging.

8. Senior Housing Out… Identity Communities Booming… Boomers will drive a new type of age 55+ housing that will spread in both urban pockets and small town farmland. There will be themes to the complex in home style and lifestyle plus community missions and focus ranging from living eco-green to community service to creative cultivation of the arts.

9. The Self-Cleansing of Being An Independent… There will be a new rise in the politically-independent. Alignment with either the GOP and DNC will become political suicide and personal violation. Even party splinter groups whether socialist on one end to libertarian on the other will lose their muster too. Politically independent will become transcend to a statement of self-identity.

10. The Next Round of Millennials Taking Over GenXers… The Alpha Generation will take over and stifle out Generation Z. It will happen in schools, community groups, houses of worship and most of all… brands moving to embrace it and the Millennial family unit. Generation Z is small compared to the massive market dominance of Alpha and their Millennial parents. Its not socially irresponsible… but economically rational.

The next Blog post that I will issue in the next two weeks will flesh out the first 5 Trends and provide readers with some great examples of the trend at work right in the here and now of the remaining days of 2021.

A follow-up Blog post issued before November 15th will flesh out the second 5 Trends.

I can promise readers this… you will not find these trends cited anywhere else in a context like this. The marketing and media world that right now is so self-focused it has already gone blind!



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Mark Kooyman

Mark Kooyman

CEO & Discovery Chief at EXPERIENCE Insight Group, Inc. In the business to discover and craft brand experiences that humans seek out and engage in.