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5 min readJul 8, 2023


The BGO of What’s Driving The Marketplace as MBAs Leave Center Stage

There are now more folks securing an MBA degree than there are jobs to fill them.


Businesses may finally be waking up to reality.

Even with the lay-offs and job cuts taking place among the tech corps and dot-com startups, there are still more openings for tech geeks than there are people to fill them.

Unfortunately, the MBAs being laid off are not as lucky.

Some of my business colleagues and clients know that I have an MBA.

More know that I also have an Masters of Arts degree with a combined concentration in media and sociology.

Regardless of what an MBA grad tells you, the business analytics far dominated their study than market-wide, multi-faceted strategy and assessment.

Unfortunately, the MBAs still dominate Wall Street and my hunch is that a fair share of MBAs are now working for the media and are involved in politics… and both red and blue factions.

Right now the academic, political and journalistic reporting teams assess, ponder and speculate what is driving the economics of the American marketplace.

They are convinced that the Pandemic, political conflict and international discords are what is driving our economy.

That MBA discipline blinds them from stepping back and just observing their neighbors.

They ignore the BGO (Bliding Glimps of the Obvious) right in front of their faces.

Starting in 2021… then moving into 2022… and with the premier of 2023, I personally have broadcast, posted online and spoken from the podium citing the current driver that is commanding control of the marketplace and economy.

And still there are few who have heard my presentation who witness to their friends, family and colleagues the force driving the world around us.

Just this past week, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times both reported that sales for items like groceries, furniture, home decor, clothing, electronics and garden supplies are still growing despite increases in cost.

The week before, both publications and NBC Nightly News reported that people are still purchasing housing in growing marketplaces despite the shortage of inventory and the increasing prices.

Just for the heck of it, I googled “Millennial Families” and essentially nothing came up related to their impact on economics.

A lot came up on how they are raising kids, progressive vs. traditional values, where they are sending their kids to school and how the parents are playing dual roles.

I am first in line to tell readers, all of those articles are well worth the time it takes to read them despite their failure to embrace the Millennial’s economic impact.

There is one article that pops up titled, “The Myth of the Broke Millennial” that at least explores just how much the family economics of today are a bit different from the family economics of the 1990s with GenXers starting their family years and the 1970s when Boomers started mating.

Folks it is very simple

The marketplace today is not only sustainable despite what is happening in Washington and Wall Street, it is growing… or should I say exploding.

The Millennials are the LARGEST Generation to ever hit the U.S., Europe, India and Asia.

And as they partner, set up their homesteads and make babies, those are the drivers that are driving the cash registers of the economy.

But I remain stunned that no one is brave enough to lay claim to it.

I guess for the MBA mindset, the impact of the largest generation just does not meet the qualifiers of a viable hypothesis.

The media is run by GenXers and Boomers.

Our politics are skewed by the perspectives of Boomers and Matures who refuse to accept the reality that they are no longer the largest generation ever to exist.

Many ask me, why are the Millennials not securing the actual force they have created.

As I have shared in past Blog-posts, when I make presentations about the market place, populations and demographics changes, my mission with many in the audience is to get the Millennials to come out of their closets.

On one level, many Millennials fail to come out of the closet.

On another level, many Millennials fail to engage in the media that makes the false economic observations and future predictions.

Millennials do not tune in with the news networks and all you have to do is watch the advertising blocks which run on the news networks to realize just what few groups do tune in.

Last night I saw the new Publix summer ad it fashioned solely to grab hold of the force of the Millennials.

The ad ran on HGTV and Magnolia Network.

I have yet to see the ad on any one of the news networks.

Publix advertising is produced by the Atlanta agency 22squared.

The past CEO of 22squared, Jeff Johnson is who encourage me to start EXPERIENCE back in 2003 and allowed us to nest with them for our first 2 years of being in business.

All we were asked to do was to take time with their creative team and keep them updated on the Millennials as they were graduating form high school and colleges and starting their careers back then.

The new summer ad captures the heart of the Millennial families.

Nowhere in the ad does it post the words “Millennial” nor “groceries” nor “grocery store.”

The word “food” is never used.

To be honest, it is not until the very end that the brand name PUBLIX appears and it is the logo only and not a store front.

Publix continues to explode despite what inflation has done to the monthly cost of food.

While Boomers think that they control the supermarket and food categories, they do not.

They might have Senior Wednesdays and Senior specials, but the marketing has shifted.

Washington’s and Wall Street’s failure to acknowledge what is driving our economy and marketplace is beginning to impact their future outlook.

Client leadership who partner with EXPERIENCE often do see the Millennial light.

The facts are very simple.

The Millennials are the drive of the economy and marketplace.

They will be the driving force for at least the next 10–15 years.

If you and your brand are not embracing them yet, your brand may not be sustainable. Period.

MBAs are not the answer.

Disruption is what produces innovation.

If you are brave enough to be disrupted in the process of securing brand success, give us a call at 404.245.9378.

And yes… as I tell friends and colleagues, turn the news media off and pray that the GOP and DNC realize that candidates age 75+ are not winners.



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