More Depth on the First Five 2022 Trends You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Here is more depth about the first five of the 2022 Trends I posted last week.

Next week, I will post more about the second five of the 2022 Trends.

While a lot is happening in conjunction around each one of the Trends, many in the industry and the marketplace…

The 2022 Trends You Will Not Find Anywhere Else!

Hard to believe as I write this, but we are closing in on the end of 2021 and the start of 2022.

A year ago, we were all still reeling from the Pandemic. …

Are the Zoomers still Zooming?

While about three-quarters of the size of the Millennials, Generation Z has been expected to advance forward at a pace faster than the Millennials… thanks to their immersion in mobile technology.

Hence, they have been referred to as the Zoomers.

Next year in 2022, the top of the Generation Z…

The Three Factors Driving A Mega-trend Revolution

Last year, 2020 will live in history as the year when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the United States.

This year, 2021 will live in history with record-setting highs in housing costs.

But what is going to evolve or the remainder of the 20s is much bigger … and the dynamics…

The Mega-Trend of Personally Defined Brand Experiences

The first brand I worked with coming out of college, 40 years ago was a baking products brand

And while convenience baking mixes were included in the brand family, the primary products of flour and corn meal made up the vast share of sales.

Personally, I cook more meals at…

Don’t Let Politics… Nor Ad Agency Culture… Drive Your Brand Marketing

Many of those who know me and many of those who work with me know that I am not a person who can simply sit on the sidelines and refrain from interacting with others.

I find that interacting with people outside of the conventional business environment — including the home…

Retirement Opportunity is Calling!

I spend a lot of time talking about the Millennials.

There is no question…. the Millennials are the drivers of the U.S. consumer and house & home marketplace.

They are the ones out there buying their first-time homes or selling the condos to get a yard complete with a swing…

Not Wanting To Work? The Media Ain’t Got This One Right

The news media appears to have found a new story line that jacks up their television ratings and the digital click rates as the media continues to scrape for a COVID-19 pandemic replacement.

The news story… “There is a widening gap of jobs to fill and folks no longer wanting…

Have You Embraced The Post-Pandemic Workplace?

The show, The Office aired for nine seasons on NBC from 2005 through 2013. It’s a bit ironic that The Office, was what is called a “mockumentary” sitcom.

The writers of the show had no idea of just how the concept of The Office would fit within our social evolutionary…

Immigration…More Driven by Need and Opportunity Than The News Media Reports

I will begin by saying that this blog post is not an Editorial.

EXPERIENCE is teaming up with a very cool consulting group based out of Atlanta that specializes in marketing program implementation to reach the U.S. Black and Brown market… Propellant Media (

Unlike conventional cultural-specialized communication firms, Propellant…

Mark Kooyman

CEO & Discovery Chief at EXPERIENCE Insight Group, Inc. In the business to discover and craft brand experiences that humans seek out and engage in.

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